December 21, 2017 Op-Ed
California’s gas tax increase is ripe for repeal

December 10, 2017 Op-Ed
Money alone can’t fix California’s underperforming schools

November 22, 2017 Op-Ed
Biting our tongues in the era of political correctness

November 10, 2017 Op-Ed
Out of control pension costs could doom local governments across California

October 29, 2017 Op-Ed
Free speech crisis on college campuses threatens First Amendment

October 15, 2017 Op-Ed RED
Your tax money was illegally used to fund Measure J campaign, Taxpayers Association says

October 1, 2017 Op-Ed
We don’t need to change the Constitution

September 17,2017 Op-Ed
Is decapitation of Father Serra statue just the beginning?

*September 3, 2017 Op-Ed
Guarantee every American a basic income? The U.S. can’t afford it

August 20, 2017 Op-Ed
Minimum wage increases- The opposite of helpful

August 6, 2017 Op-Ed
Repeal the unnecessary $5.2 billion gas tax

July 23, 2017 Op-Ed
SLO Progressives? More like SLO Regressives

July 9, 2017 Op-Ed
SLO County leans red. So why are Democrats taking a sharp left turn?

June 25, 2017 Op-Ed
State-run health system would be a disaster

June 11, 2017 Op-Ed
California’s liberal Legislature voted for communism

May 28, 2017 Op-Ed
Make a phone call, go to jail?

May 14, 2017 Op-Ed
Stop assaulting conservative speech on college campuses

April 30, 2017 Op-Ed
Californians can finally celebrate Tax Freedom Day — a week after most other state

April 16, 2017 Op-Ed
‘Safe Haven’ schools put illegal immigrants ahead of safety

April 2, 2017 Op-Ed
Be careful, Californians — or you might wake up in the People’s Republic of Taxifornia

March 19, 2017 Op-Ed
Pension tsunami about to hit San Luis Obispo

March 5, 2017 Op-Ed
Our highways need improving. But it shouldn’t take new taxes to do it

February 26, 2017 Op-Ed
California’s sanctuary state bill could endanger lives and cripple budgets

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