Here are the comments below the Tribune’s promotion of YES on J, similar to
most of the comments that have appeared on Facebook:

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John Gajdos ·  School Of Hard Knocks, University Of Life
Everyone vote the opposite of ALL Tribune endorsements.
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Brian Mossie
The Tribune recommends a “yes” on J therefore I’m voting “no”. Easy!
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Alan Muratet ·  Morro Bay, California
No such thing as a temporary tax. Reference Prop 55. Sacramento has been stealing property and gas taxes from our area. The solution is to change our representatives in Sacramento, not increase our taxes. ,and by the way, how do you split a penny? Just admit it’s a 1% tax increase.
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Rae Lynn ·  Cuesta College
Oh hell no. Let’s see measure M for paso will probably pass (why should renters care, they don’t pay property tax, so that will go up about $300 a year, just got a notice for a 20% increase on health insurance, that’s an extra $300 a month, had to cash out my 503b for living expenses; had to pay $2700 to the State in taxes on that and you want more money so you can keep up with your expenses dear County. Haven’t had a pay raise in 10 years (private sector employer). When will you be satisfied? When I have to sell my home to support you? Get real. No new taxes.
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Josh Kelleher ·  Information Systems Analyst at Hearst Castle
How much of our money is being spent to sell us on the idea of giving the politicians more of our money? Every day I see a paid advertisement on Facebook. Now this. They all say the same thing, we know other policitians waste your money, but give us more because we are different. Just because they are wasting our money to get more of our money, ignore the details…. Everytime they want to raise taxes, it always the roads, schools, or crime, yet all these things still aren’t properly funded. Why is that?
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Peggy Pavek
Here we go again!! Anything the “SLO TRIB endorses, I’m against! It’s just a “common sense” thing! They are wrong more often than not!!
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Kevin Rice
Succumbing to politician’s schemes won’t help either. They’ll just do it more. But the Trombone has endorsed every single one of the politicians doing it!! Idiots. Thieves, actually. Corrupt. Vote Different 2016.
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Lou Acosta
Sacramento’s misplaced priorities that are to blame. They accuse politicians of squandering taxpayer dollars on “failed programs and bureaucracies” such as the high-speed rail project.
Accusing politicians of squandering taxpayer dollars (who is they) you mean the citizens of the state that are concerned about how they should spend money like the expansion of healthcare coverage to qualifying immigrant children that began May 2016, costing $40 million in the new budget and an estimated $132 million annually after that, along with the other millions for free legal representation of illegal immigrants (sorry undocumented). The bullet train cannot get anyone to fund this fiasco for the full cost, so standby for another tax hit that will not do any good for the Central Coast. No on measure J it will not help nor is it any remedy for a state that is over populated and yes I do not want politicians squandering these funds, no way.
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