Paso Robles Unified School District


The Paso Robles Unified School District leadership, led by Superintendent Curt Dubost, promoted with taxpayer dollars the qualification of a petition to vacate the appointment of Kenny Enney as a member of the Board of Trustees of the District, Enney had been appointed in September 2022 to fill a vacancy in office that occurred upon election of a sitting Trustee to another local office.
Superintendent Dubost, the District’s racial
diversity, equity and inclusion director Cary Alvord, and District Teachers’ Union President Bernadette Boddington, all spent compensated public time and taxpayer dollars on qualification of the special election, which will cost the District’s forgotten taxpayers approximately $600,000 to conduct ($450,000 for the San Luis Obispo County portions of the District and $150,000 for Monterey County portions of the District.)

Andrea Seastrand, President of CCTA and former Congresswoman, stated, “The Paso Robles Unified School District and the named officials of the District wasted taxpayer dollars that should have been devoted to redressing the District’s abysmal record concerning student test scores. Clearly, these officials were willing to waste over a half a million taxpayer dollars to silence Kenney Enney’s pointed questions about District spending and its misguided focus on race and gender issues at the expense of students’
basic educational achievement.” Seastrand stated further, “Not only were District forgotten taxpayers fleeced but District children were harmed in this process.”