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Meet our Heroes

Supervisor Debbie Arnold * 2015

Supervisor Debbie Arnold received the first annual CCTA Hero of the Taxpayer Award in 2015 for her staunch support of
Proposition 13 and always looking out for the taxpayers of San Luis Obispo County.

Supervisor John Peschong * 2016
was presented with the 2016 CCTA Hero of the Taxpayer Award at our reception on April 15, 2016.
Peschong was recognized for his leadership in founding CCTA many years ago, for serving as a past president, and for fighting for the taxpayer against increasing taxes, in particular defending Proposition 13. 

Kevin Will * 2017
Kevin Will was recognized for providing critical in-depth news on KPRL for the 'forgotten taxpayer' re taxes, fees and regulations.  His efforts further highlighted the local hot issues of the day, such as the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin District proposal and the San Luis Obispo County Measure J, half-percent transportation sales tax.  Will is a supporter of Proposition 13.

Supervisor Lynn Compton * 2018

Supervisor Compton was recognized for being a powerful champion of Proposition 13, and a tireless advocate for the forgotten taxpayers of San Luis Obispo County.

Andy Caldwell * 2019

Andy Caldwell, Executive Director of COLAB Santa Barbara County, has served as a government watchdog, taxpayer and business advocate and defender of the Constitution and traditional values since 1991.

Congressman Kevin Kiley * 2020

Congressman Kiley received our Hero award while serving as an Assemblyman in the state legislature.
Kiley has worked tirelessly for the forgotten taxpayers!
For his work advancing economic freedom, in 2020 he was named the national Legislator of the Year by the Association of Independent Workers.
As a Congressman he continues to fight for us.

Richard Patten * 2021
In 2021, citizens were invited to submit a redistricting map to the County using preset requirements. Patten, of Arroyo Grande, did just that.
His map was later selected as the 2021 new district Map for the County of San Luis Obispo.

Kenneth Enney * 2022
Enney, a retired Marine Corps Colonel, military educator and rancher, has demonstrated a commitment to keep a watchdog eye on Paso Robles school District expenditures, assure greater transparency and accountability for spending decisions, and to focus the District on educating students to learn and obtain the reading, writing and educational tools to succeed in the future.

Who will be the 2023  recipient of the Hero of the Taxpayer Award?

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