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  CCTA Mission Statement  

The Central Coast Taxpayers Association is a non-partisan, 501(c) 4 non-profit organization with the mission to bring about more accountable, effective, efficient government and fair and equitable taxation which permits a strong, healthy economy, sensible balance and rational control of government expenditures.

The Central Coast Taxpayers Association accepts no government funds.  Our board members and sponsors are a diverse group of business, industrial and professional organizations, as well as independent local citizens concerned with the community and the most effective use of local, state and federal tax dollars.


Taxpayers scored an important victory in February when the secretary of state announced that the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act has successfully qualified for the November 2024 ballot.

A late push for extra signatures, with an assist from thousands of HJTA Members who volunteered their time, was key to collecting a total of 1.4 million raw signatures, enough to exceed the required minimum of nearly 1 million valid signatures of registered voters needed to qualify.

“The Taxpayer Protection Act was written to restore a series of voter-approved ballot measures that gave taxpayers, not politicians, more say over when and how new tax revenue is raised,” explained HJTA President Jon Coupal. “Over the past decade, the California courts have created massive loopholes and confusion in long-established tax law and policy. The Taxpayer Protection Act closes those loopholes and provides new safeguards to increase accountability and transparency over how politicians spend our tax dollars.”


CCTA Opposes BOS Salary Increase
Letter to Supervisors

February 3, 2023

Dear Supervisors:

The Central Coast Taxpayers Association is OPPOSED to you, members of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, increasing your own salaries by 20.8%, as well as increasing your post-retirement health benefits.

A great number of constituents that you ‘serve’ are financially hurting!  They cannot pay rent, cannot pay high energy bills, cannot afford food for their families and cannot buy gas for their cars to get to work!  Also many are suffering due to the recent storm damages! 

Please vote NO on the 20.8% increase in salaries, as well as the post-retirement health benefits. Please lead by example!


Andrea Seastrand
Central Coast Taxpayers Association
P.O. Box 89
San Luis Obispo, California 93406

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