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Must listen to this interview!

Check out Dave Congalton's Hometown Radio Podcast for Thursday, December 14th!

Great interview at 3:30pm with Debbie Peterson, former Mayor of the City of Grover Beach.

She discusses the Central Coast Blue Project and the recent Proposition 218 protest vote

to raise water rates to support it!  She also explains the Grover Beach recall effort!


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March 2024

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February 2024

California’s homelessness crisis will absolutely get worse if Prop 1 passes! Prop 1 raids and diverts funding from treatment programs that serve homeless people in favor of giving billions in subsidies to rich developers for expensive government-subsidized mega housing projects.

January 2024

Big attack at the state and county level on Proposition 13!

More Than $10 Billion a Year in Higher Taxes and Fees Approved by Lawmakers and Governor in 2023

December 2023


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